About Us

Jen Whyte - You Dirty Scrub Founder

Jen Whyte, Founder

You Dirty Scrub started in early 2015. After years of suffering from eczema and dry skin, I decided I wanted to do something about it for good. I would go to the doctors and be given various creams and oinments, however, they would never be a long term solution and using steroid cream on a daily basis wasn’t going to be a solution for me. 

I began researching into natural and holistic skin care ingredients and experimenting on myself along with close friends and family. By mid-April 2015, with only our ‘Original Coffee Scrub’, You Dirty Scrub launched on Etsy.

We now stock 4 varieties of coffee scrubs which are all registered with ‘The Vegan Society’, a range of natural healing bath salts and a revitalising face scrub which can now be found right here on our website.

I have been using You Dirty Scrub for over 2 years now and my skin has completely changed for the better. Eczema is a thing of the past and my skin has never felt healthier. Every day I receive positive feedback from customers who love using our products which truly makes doing what we do worth while.


Jen Whyte You Dirty Scrub Owner

Jen Whyte, Founder and Managing Diector

From sourcing ingredients, managing orders, batching, packaging and everything in between, Jen a very busy day in between working her other job as a nursery group leader. 

Jen was born in London but grew up in Falkirk and Perth in Scotland. She is a keen photographer in her spare time and is also a dab hand in the kitchen. Her vegan baking is out of this world and keeps the rest of the You Dirty Scrub team well nourished!

Despite being one of the busiest people in the world she still finds time to do as much travelling as she can and loves sampling all the lovely vegan food she can while she is at it!


Matt Netherington You Dirty Scrub

Matt Netherington, Design & Admin

Matt takes care of the admin side of things along with managing our website, designing our packaging and frequently nipping to the post office when things get a little bit too busy!

Matt was born and raised in Perth, Scotland. He is a keen musician and plays bass in the UK’s seventeenth best punk band, PMX. 

In August 2016, Matt asked Jen to marry him and unsurprisingly she said yes! Maybe it had something to do with Jen’s awesome baking skills?


Mikkeller You Dirty Scrub

Mikkeller, Badass Sprollie

For those of you who might have not already seen him on our social media platforms, Mikkeller is our 2-year-old sprollie (springer spaniel/border collie cross).

Mikkeller is as mad as a hatter and is an all round ball of energy and cuddly goodness. He helps us to unwind after busy days here at You Dirty Scrub.

His two favourite things in this world are tennis balls and carrots. Take him for a walk anywhere in the world and he will find you a tennis ball. Cut a carrot anywhere in this world and he will smell/hear it and come running!



Mikkeller Puppy You Dirty Scrub

We are passionate about running a cruelty-free and vegan company. We ensure all of the ingredients that go into each and every one of our products are entirely plant based, ethically sourced and with absolutely no cruelty towards animals. 

All four of our coffee scrubs are registered with the Vegan Society and therefore carry their logo. Our entire range of products are manufactured in our own completely animal product free facility to ensure no cross contamination.

Just to be sure, our resident animal expert Mikkeller keeps a close eye on what we do!